Claycastle pitch and putt course can be a punishing course if you get yourself on the wrong side of the hole. It has been said that it is a thinking players course where keeping the big numbers off your card is as crucial as picking up 2's.

Claycastle has the option to have any 18 of its 20 holes open on any given day

Hole by Hole

Hole 1. 36mts. Index 6. 

Tricky downhill pitch to a plateau green, huge drop off the back with OOB at the bottom of the bank.

Hole 2. 42mts. Index 18. 

The ridgeback green can cause some putting problems but this hole offers a good chance of a 2.

Hole 3. 36mts. Index 9. 

Known to the locals as 'Doom and Gloom' this hole can be a card wrecker, with 2 deep grass bunkers short of the green and OOB long there is little room for error here. Keep it straight and you'll be OK

Hole 4. 43mts. Index 17. 

A front right pin position will give up many 2's. The green slopes from back to front and you can easily lose the ball off the right side of the green.

Hole 5. 60mts. Index 11. 

This hole starts the toughest run of holes on the course and is a beast if the wind is up. A raised plateau green. Left and long of the green is no man's land and right is OOB. Take your 3 and move on! 

Hole 6 . 30mts Index 10.

One of only two bunkers on the course stands between you and the green, the green falls away to the right of the flag so stay left and a 2 is on.

Hole 7. 59mts. Index 3. 

A long downhill tee shot to a split level green. Pitch it on or close to the green for a chance of a 3, but this can be a dangerous hole with the lake long of the green.

Hole 8. 25 mts Index 20.

A short pitch parallel to the lake. A ditch to the left and water to the right, all about accuracy. But short enough to rank index 20.

Hole 9. 60mts. Index 2. 

A very tough uphill pitch to a severely sloping two tier green. Any ball pitching short could run 20 metres to the bottom of the hill leaving a daunting chip. Finding the green could still leave a tricky 2 putt.

Hole 10. 45mts. Index 15. 

A downhill pitch to the flattest (but small) green on the course. Don’t go long as the bank slopes away into trouble

 Hole 11. 46mts. Index 12. 

The blind bunker to the left of this green will give players something to think about. A flat putting surface offers a good chance of a 2.

Hole 12. 53mts, Index 14. 

The right half of this green slopes from left to right so a pitch to the left is the safe option.

Hole 13. 36mts, Index 13. 

Pitching over the ditch. Good chance of a 2 on a relatively flat green. OOB long

Hole 14. 57mts, Index 1. 

This much feared "signature hole" has broken many hearts and minds over the years. An uphill pitch to a severely sloping green, players will be glad to walk to the next having secured a par on this hole.

Hole 15. 62mts, Index 4. 

The longest hole in Claycastle plays downhill to a small target green. Get the distance right and you have a chance of a 3, hit the green and you get a short putt for a 2.

Hole 16. 53mts, Index 8. 

One of Claycastle's 'handier' holes. A nice pitch to a large flat green. Water to the right shouldn't come into play, nor should the OOB to the left

Hole 17. 59mts, Index 7. 

A tough hole with water tight to the right-hand side. The green slopes severely off the left hand side.

Hole 18. 56mts. Index 16. 

Crucial to leave yourself below the hole as this green slopes from back to front, spin control is also important on this hole, but hitting the large green is no guarantee of a 2

Hole 19. 43mts. Index 5. 

Distance is critical, short will roll back into a valley and left will roll back down the hill, large landing area to the right of the green.

Hole 20. 34mts. Index 19. 

An uphill pitch to a good sized and “flattish” green, a good chance of a 2 to finish

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