Lumbar cushions for cars

If you drive a vehicle for many hours a day it could happen that you have some small lumbar pain. To relieve and prevent back problems, simply use a lumbar cushion for cars. In this guide we will try to explain you how to use these accessories, how much they cost and what features the best lumbar cushions for cars should have .

People who spend a lot of time driving a vehicle, such as truck drivers, bus drivers, representatives of products, are subject to pain in the back caused by inflammation, compression of the vertebrae, circulatory problems and hernias. Do you like to travel often, but for fear of taking a plane you are forced to make long journeys by car?

Perhaps it has never happened to you, but sitting for a long time, especially if you assume incorrect posture, could create serious lumbar problems. In all these circumstances we have just described it is important to prevent the problem before the pain arises; in fact, the orthopedic lumbar cushion for cars is often indispensable for back pain, people who suffer from it know it well.

Which lumbar cushion for cars to choose?

Are you wondering how to choose the best lumbar support for car and what features it should have? Let's see together.

Material: one of the most important elements to consider before buying a lumbar cushion is undoubtedly the type of material used. If you want an advice you can choose a model that uses the Memory foam, it is a viscoelastic material used in the early eighties to stuff astronaut suits. It is currently used in the best quality mattresses and pillows. The lumbar cushions in Memory foam guarantee greater comfort, adapting immediately to the shape of your back. If you want to be on the safe side, buy a certified product that certifies the presence of materials that are free of toxic substances and harmful to humans.

Lining: the cushion cover should also be taken into account. Better to choose a breathable model, so you can reduce sweating problems, especially if you travel often in the warm months. As a matter of hygiene and cleanliness, it is advisable to purchase a cooker with a removable cover suitable for washing in the washing machine.

Conformation: now the manufacturers of lumbar cushions are so specialized in this sector that they are able to create models of any shape, based on various needs. Square cushions are available on the market, rectangular, square, etc. If you do not know which lumbar support to choose, you can rely on a specialist who will be able to direct you in the right way. Among the various shapes we also find some cushions with a thickness above the average, models with straps and others that can cover the entire width of the seat.

Rent a car in Italy

A trip around Italy in a rented car guarantees a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions. What could be more beautiful than the pink at sunset of the Dolomites, luxury villas on Lake Como, the gorges of Aosta, or the towns of Cinquetere stuck to the rocks. Numerous rental companies will deliver and pick up a car at any time in a convenient location - at airports, city offices and hotels.

Offices and rental rates

Dozens of companies are represented in the Italian car rental - from international Avis, Europcar or Sixt to local Sicily by Car, Maggiore, WinRent. Their offices are in international airports, railway stations of major cities, in popular tourist places. In the parks of the car of the most different class - from the sports "Ferrari" or the prestigious sedan "Alfa Romeo Julia" to spacious family minivans and modest "Fiat Panda".

The day / week of renting a compact Volkwagen Polo from international distributors in the summer season is from 50/160 EUR , for a solid Renault Talisman you will have to pay 120/330 EUR , for Mercedes E-class 150/490 EUR . When concluding an agreement on the driver's credit card, a deposit from 500 to 4000 EUR is blocked , which is returned after the delivery of the car, subject to all rental conditions. Prices on the page are as of April 2019.

Cars of a similar class from local distributors will cost 20-40% cheaper. In the summer, convertibles are in special demand - from the small Fiat-500 ( 56/240 EUR ) to the solid BMW 4 series (220/700 EUR ). Small companies can accept payment and deposit in cash.

Additional options, insurance

The cost of rental is largely affected by the choice of additional services that are not included in the basic package. First of all it concerns the insurance in case of theft or an accident, limiting the liability of the driver to the amount of 900-5000 EUR . To reduce this amount to zero, you can buy additional insurance for 15-30 EUR / day.

Any insurance will be canceled in case of drunk driving, transfer of control to persons not entered into the lease agreement, towing another car or participating in races.

The car can be equipped with special equipment, in different companies prices may vary by 1.5-3 times. The minimum cost of a child seat is 9 EUR / day, GPS-navigator - 13 EUR / day, access to Wi-Fi costs from 10 EUR / day, the second driver - from 4 EUR / day. In winter, you can take the holder for skis on the roof (from 5 EUR / day), winter wheels (set from 20 EUR / day) and anti-skid chains (from 7 EUR / day). For long periods, the rule that limits the upper ceiling of payment for such additional options comes into effect with a sum corresponding to approximately one week of rent.